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Trauma-Informed Yoga & Movement Exploration
Online Classes (on Zoom)

Discover a Unique and Gentle Practice in the Comfort of Your Safe Space

Enjoy Your First Class for Free - Offer Ends December 18th!

Mon & Wed 7:00 PM EST

Tu & Thu 7:00 AM EST

EST (Toronto/Montréal time)



Join Janna Slow for gentle yoga & mindful movement online classes

After 15+ years diving into all sorts of mindful movement practices (from Yoga in India to Chinese Martial Art and Post-Modern Dance in NYC),

I've crafted a special mix of trauma-informed movement methods just for you. These are all about boosting body awareness, syncing up your body and mind, managing stress & emotions, and boosting your overall well-being and confidence.

On my own lifelong journey, turning 'D' in CPTSD into 'G' for Growth, I get the value of a safe, open-minded, no-pressure, and team effort approach, especially when it comes to our bodies. You can hop in with your camera and mic off—I'll never record the screen (your privacy's safe with me).

Let's dive in together and nurture your healing journey towards growth and well-being. Your comfort, safety, and privacy are my top priorities. Join me in exploring, growing, and thriving - I can't wait to support you on this empowering path!

What to expect from taking Trauma-Informed Yoga & Movement Exploration classes?

"Our training sessions inspire me and give me confidence to challenge myself even further. I cannot wait to see what else I can do!"

Matt, NY

Flexible Payment Options

Payment Options


New/Casual Student

Free trial until Dec 18! Join any AM or PM class, get a Zoom-link right after submitting your email.

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Motivated Student

Get a boost of motivation by attending 10 classes out of 20 for $15 per pass (one-time payment $150)


Committed Student

Challenge yourself to attend all 20 classes for $10 per pass

(one-time payment $200)


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